Cross-border cooperation and ecosystem services in the long-term preservation of large carnivores populations in the northern Dinarides

The coexistence of humans and large carnivores in the northern Dinarides goes back to a far past, it is a heritage that is still to be built. Partners in the project will invest their expertise and enthusiasm to make the coexistence of people and large carnivores in the northern Dinaric region even more successful.

Latest news
24. 4. 2020

Large carnivore info corners set up at both Pivka schools

As part of the Carnivore Dinarica project, we have set up large carnivore info corners at primary schools Pivka and Košana.

24. 3. 2020

Interreg success story

Interreg, the European Union's central mechanism for promoting cross-border cooperation at regional and national level for the benefit of all EU citizens, is marking its 30th anniversary this year.

20. 2. 2020

Europeans share their ideas of living with bear, wolf and lynx

The LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores project has launched a Europe-wide video campaign that features testimonials from people sharing the landscape with large carnivores.

10. 1. 2020

The importance of large carnivores to society

As part of the Carnivora Dinarica project, we are exploring the importance of large carnivores for local communities, using the concept of cultural ecosystem services evaluation.

In awareness-raising center in Pivka we will place an interactive exhibition on the topic of large carnivores and coexistence of humans and large carnivores.

The Center will be the central point of the Slovenian and Croatian Dinaric space for displaying and spreading all the tools and knowledge about large carnivores as well as guiding visitors across the entire Northern Dinarides.

Interactive exhibition