Cross-border cooperation and ecosystem services in the long-term preservation of large carnivores populations in the northern Dinarides

The coexistence of humans and large carnivores in the northern Dinarides goes back to a far past, it is a heritage that is still to be built. Partners in the project will invest their expertise and enthusiasm to make the coexistence of people and large carnivores in the northern Dinaric region even more successful.

Latest news
15. 12. 2020

Second bilateral meeting on cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Slovenia on population management of large carnivores

The second Slovenian-Croatian bilateral meeting on management and monitoring of lynx populations ...

16. 10. 2020

Ciarra Finds New Owners

Within the scope of the Carnivora Dinarica project, Slovenia Forest Service has given a dog named Ciarra, the first of the two bred livestock guarding dogs, to her new owners.

16. 10. 2020

Vita the Wolf and Poaching

Vita was captured on 22 May in Notranjska region in Slovenia and fitted with a telemetry collar. At the time of capture, she was two years old and weighed 32 kg.

22. 9. 2020

Protecting property from large carnivores

One of the goals of the project “Carnivora Dinarica” Interreg Slovenia–Croatia is a better and more efficient cross-border management of large carnivore populations in Croatia and Slovenia.

In awareness-raising center in Pivka we will place an interactive exhibition on the topic of large carnivores and coexistence of humans and large carnivores.

The Center will be the central point of the Slovenian and Croatian Dinaric space for displaying and spreading all the tools and knowledge about large carnivores as well as guiding visitors across the entire Northern Dinarides.

Interactive exhibition