• Real estate developer Salvatore Leggiero is launching the Bitcoin Tower project in Dubai.
• The tower will have a physical and virtual version, with plans to build it near Sheikh Zayed Road.
• Leggiero hopes to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the project to make an “eclectic experience for the future.”

Bitcoin Tower Project Launched in Dubai

On the evening of May 24, real estate developer Salvatore Leggiero and designer Simone Micheli presented their collaboration for the Bitcoin Tower at an exclusive architecture-focused event in Dubai. The private event unveiled the initial design draft for the Bitcoin Tower, which will feature both a virtual version in the metaverse and a physical building.

Designer Simone Micheli’s Vision

Leggiero told Cointelegraph that project combined two of his passions: real estate development and Web3 technology acquired during the pandemic. Designer Simone Micheli presented his design for the metaverse version of the Bitcoin Tower which will be launched first before construction on its physical counterpart begins near Sheikh Zayed Road.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Leggiero expressed his desire to make this an open project with input from members of the community, saying “We will receive many inputs from the community because Bitcoin Tower must be open project.” He added that having a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), similar to what Satoshi Nakamoto teaches us, would contribute to an “eclectic experience for the future.”

Real Estate Developer Salvatore Leggiero

As a real estate developer with years of experience, Leggiero wants this project to reflect current crypto trends while also staying true to traditional real estate practices. By combining these two elements into one futuristic skyscraper, he believes he can create something special that pays homage both technologies and disciplines alike.

The Future Of The Bitcoin Tower

The unveiling of initial design draft for this incredible new tower marks just one step towards completion; approvals must still be sought out before construction can begin near Sheikh Zayed Road where it is expected to become part of Dubai’s famous skyline. Until then we look forward to seeing what other plans come out as this innovative project continues its development!