• A NFT collector is taking legal action against OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, for allegedly locking his account after he was scammed and not responding to the issue quickly enough.
• The NFT collector claims that OpenSea held his assets ransom for more than three months, despite repeated demands to unlock his account.
• He believes that OpenSea is accountable for the estimated losses of $500,000 due to their actions.

Robbie Acres, a nonfungible token (NFT) collector, is taking legal action against the OpenSea NFT marketplace for multiple reasons, including being locked out of his account for more than three months after being a victim of a phishing scam. Acres reported the theft of his NFTs to the NFT marketplace immediately, but unfortunately, OpenSea took over 48 hours to respond, which allowed the stolen assets to be sold for significantly less than their worth.

Acres then requested that OpenSea unlock his account, but instead, they kept his assets hostage for over three months. The NFT collector also claims that he was asked to sign a statement in order to unlock his account, which he believes would have been an act of perjury. As an active investor in the Web3 community, he believes that OpenSea is responsible for the estimated losses of $500,000 due to their actions.

The legal team leading the case has highlighted that this is not an isolated incident and that OpenSea has ignored issues in the past. Acres is convinced that the NFT marketplace should be held accountable for the losses incurred during the time he was locked out of his account.

This case serves as a reminder for NFT collectors to be extra cautious when handling their assets and to report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. It is also important to be aware of the legal rights of an NFT collector in order to ensure that their assets are protected.